About KinderHandl


Mission Statement

Kinder Handl aims to provide an inclusive environment to families from all ethnic and social backgrounds.

It also wants to continue to provide a space for families to spend time together, playing, socialising and be able to talk about issues and concerns.

We aim to raise as much money as we can through the sale of donations and other stock bought in. The profit is the amount left over after the running costs of the shop are covered; those items include rent, utilities and miscellaneous bills essential for running the community shop. It is the aim of the social enterprise to raise funding from grants and other charitable bodies to allow further employment within the business.


“Every time I see a family spend time together, it makes me realise how important it is to have a place like Kinder Handl….they can sit and play with all the toys and the parents, grandparents or anyone accompanying the child can have a free cuppa and some time out to chat….chatting is what I’m good at!” 

Marni Oakley


“As a dad in the shop helping and playing, it makes other dads feel welcome and able to enjoy being in essentially what looks like a “toy shop” ….you don’t need to worry or feel embarrassed about anything….anyway who says you’re too old to play with toys?”



Jonathan Banks

We care about your dearest