About KinderHandl


Our History

After 12 of years living in England, my marriage broke down and I returned to Glasgow with my two young daughters both under 5 years. As a qualified scientist I knew that I wouldn’t be able to return to that occupation and also provide the emotional security to my children that they needed, so I sadly had to use the government benefit system. I was financially struggling.

I would daily go round the charity shops hunting for clothes and toys that my children could use. I was never satisfied with the quality, cleanliness and general condition of those items. It occurred to me soon after another disappointing shop, that if I could find some funds to open my own shop, then I could provide excellent quality children’s items to other struggling families.

Only a short time prior to this idea, I met my new partner Jonathan who worked as a barber in his own shop. He believed in me and my proposed business plan and said he would help with the initial set up costs. I was then able to fulfill my dream of opening a shop but it was so much more than that. What started out as an aim to recycle children’s items became a wonderful community shop, welcoming all families, providing an inclusive environment with time in abundance to get to know each individual and talk through their life experiences.

The shop which is based in Glasgow has a bustling community with a diverse range of people. Many are low income families, single parents or foreign nationals. Many are local mums, grandparents, foster parents just looking for a bargain.  The location was chosen for those very reasons as we wanted to be where the community could be advantaged having a social hub and local drop off point for recycling. I also knew through friends that Yorkhill hospital was turning away donations of second hand toys. We took this opportunity and started an informal partnership with Yorkhill Children’s Charity. We began collecting and receiving donations of unwanted children’s items that the hospital was unable to use in the children’s wards due to cross infection and lack of resources. The relationship between ourselves and the hospital’s charity grew from strength to strength as we began trying to raise funds through the sale of the stock. Now after two years, we are concentrating on our own social awareness projects and other charities and wish Yorkhill Children’s Charity all the best with raising funds from other voluntary groups and individuals!

Initially it was important that people understood what we had created. A community shop that also raised funds for Yorkhill Children’s Charity. This was what our honest beliefs were and we gained more and more support from the community.  We are also involved in recycling/upcylcing, helping young people from sensitive backgrounds back into full-time employment and other worthy causes…

As each individual comes to visit, they are offered refreshments and some time out to relax and chat. The children enjoy playing with everything they see and meeting other children from all different backgrounds.

We care about your dearest